Etiquette rules for men (Read, remember, act)

Rules of etiquette for men, which every self-respecting man should know.

1.On the street, a representative of the stronger sex is obliged to go to the left of the woman. On the right, only the military have every chance to go, who must be ready to give honor

2. It is necessary to support the young lady by the elbow if she stumbles or slips. Although in an ordinary situation, the decision to take a man by the arm or not is taken by a woman

3.In the stay of a young lady, the representative of the stronger sex does not smoke in the absence of her permission

4.At the entrance and exit to the building, the man opens the door in front of the lady, he himself follows behind her.

5. Climbing or descending the stairs, the representative of the stronger sex insures his own companion, going one or two steps behind

6.A representative of the stronger sex enters the elevator first, and at the exit, after all, a woman must pass ahead

7. The representative of the stronger sex is the first to leave the car, he bypasses the vehicle and opens the door from the passenger side, with all this helping the young lady to get out. If the condition is met, the representative of the stronger sex actually drives the car himself, he is obliged to open the door and support the lady by the elbow, as soon as she sits in the front seat. If a representative of the stronger sex and a lady are two passengers of a taxi, they hope to move in the back seat. 1 a woman is arranged in the salon, a representative of the stronger sex sits close.

8. Entering the building, the representative of the sterner sex should help the young lady to take off her outerwear, after all, leaving the room, it is worth giving her clothes.

9.In the community, it is still customary not to sit down when women are standing (this also touches public vehicles).

10. According to etiquette, a representative of the stronger sex should not be late for a meeting with a lady. On the contrary, the gentleman should come a couple of minutes earlier, because his delay can embarrass the woman and put her in a slow position. In sudden cases, you will need to warn and apologize for being late.

11. Any representative of the fairer sex of any age goes to help carry big things and powerful handbags. Their number does not include a lady's bag, a light fur coat or a cloak, except for those cases when, due to the state of the body, she is not able to carry them herself

12.In the community, an honest dialogue about a woman with 3 faces is unacceptable, but unusually in a man's company

13. During a conversation, a representative of the stronger sex should not lay his hands on his chest or keep them in pockets. Similarly, you do not need to twist various things in your hands - this is disrespect for the interlocutor

14. Good to know: The representative of the stronger sex is always the first to enter the restaurant, the main reason is that the head waiter has the right to draw conclusions about who is considered the organizer of the visit to the institution and who will pay for this symptom. In the case of the arrival of a great company, it enters first and pays the one from whom the invitation to the restaurant came. Although as soon as a doorman meets the guests at the entrance, a representative of the stronger sex should let 1 young lady pass. After that, the man finds free places.