Fun and helpful tips for women

Funny and useful tips for women, now you will know how to solve important questions

1. Are you waiting for an important call and can't wait? Put your cell phone in the farthest pocket, go to the bathroom and wash your hands ...

2. A glass eye inserted into the peephole will scare off any thief from your apartment.

3. If your man has finally started to wash socks, then the most important thing is that there are an even number of them.

4. When the bandits begin to break down the door, try to break it down at the same time from your side. This will confuse intruders.

5. Shoes will last much longer if you don't buy a new one.

6. Your dress will serve you for many years if your husband earns a small salary.

7. Never publicly praise your husband. For men, this causes envy, and for women, a desire to check.

8. Do not throw a salt shaker at your husband - spilled salt to a quarrel.

9. To distinguish real Swiss watches from fake ones, throw them with all your might on the concrete floor of the showroom. If the watch is real, the seller should die right there from a heart attack.

9. Do not buy bouillon cubes, you are being cruelly deceived. In fact, these are not cubes, but parallelepipeds!

10. You can not look in the mirror when you eat - you will pass your happiness. And when you drink, you drink. And in the toilet it is generally better not to hang a mirror ...

11. Remember that young children left unattended very quickly become young parents!

12. Don't take everything from life. You won't get it!