Advice on how to determine the life goal (Article)

Advice on how to determine the life goal since many are sure that it is incredibly difficult to determine your purpose in life and is available only to those who seriously read psychology and study philosophical treatises. It is enough to examine yourself carefully. 7 questions will help with this:

1. What do you enjoy doing?

Your goal is inextricably linked to what you love. The most motivated people do exactly what they love: Bill Gates loves computers, Oprah Winfrey loves to help people, and Edison preferred to invent something new. What do you like? Do you enjoy reading, writing, playing sports, singing, painting or cooking? Or maybe you like business, sales, communication, repair of any things? Or are you good at listening to the person? In any case, your goal in life will be associated with what you love.

2. What do you do in your free time?

What you do in your free time will help you define your purpose in life. If you like to draw, then "drawing" is a kind of sign in which direction you should move. The same can be said for any hobby or hobby, be it cooking, singing, or negotiating. You just have to watch out for these signs. How are these signs to be considered? For example, someone really likes to learn and learn everything new, which means, perhaps, teaching can become his life goal. Be sure to think about what you do in your free time, or what you would like to do.

3. What are you paying attention to?

The seller can easily distinguish whether the product will be in demand or not; the hairdresser will undoubtedly pay attention to the appearance of the person's hairstyle, the designer will note the ridiculous attire, and the mechanic will only be able to establish possible malfunctions in it by the sound from the car. What are you paying attention to? And what annoys you? All your answers will be the signs that will help you in setting your life goal.

4. What do you enjoy learning and what do you prefer to learn?

What books and magazines do you like to read? Are you interested in literature about business, cooking or fishing? In any case, you should take your preferences as a hint of what problem you must solve in your life. Think, if you were creating your own library, what books would you choose for it? Or maybe you like self-development books?

5. What makes you want to be creative?

Maybe the selling process is an art for you? Or do you want to start cooking immediately after seeing new original recipes in the magazine? Or maybe any experienced situation is the impetus for painting a picture? Think about what makes you move forward.

6. What do other people like about you?

Do you have fans who appreciate your concoction? After all, if no one likes your dishes, then most likely you will not be a chef. Or do some admire your singing, your dancing skills? Or maybe someone won over your talent as a writer or salesman? Agree, each of us has an ability that other people like.

7. If you knew in advance that you would be successful, what would you do?

Someone would create their own beauty salon, another would decide to try their hand at a musical project, for example, "Star Factory", and the third would be seduced by the prospect of being the owner of a store. Any of your answers will be another sign for you in your search for a life purpose.