10 quotes by Paolo Coelho (Useful tips)

10 quotes by Paolo Coelho - they are also useful tips that will help you be happier and look at ordinary things differently.

1. If you ask if I feel good with you, I will answer: "Yes." But if you ask if I can live without you, I will answer the same.

2. Only one thing makes the fulfillment of a dream impossible - it is the fear of failure.

3. Happiness sometimes comes down to us as grace, but much more often it is victory and overcoming.

4. Where they are waiting for us, we are always on time.

5. When the same people around you - ... - it seems to happen by itself that they enter your life. And having entered your life, after a while they want to change it. And if you do not become the way they want to see you, they are offended. After all, everyone knows exactly how to live in the world. Only for some reason no one can establish their own life.

6. When you love, you are able to become anyone. When you love, there is absolutely no need to understand what is happening, because everything happens inside us, so that a person is quite capable of turning into the wind.

7. Love is the only thing that sharpens the mind, awakens creative imagination, that purifies and liberates us.

8. Love is not a habit, not a compromise, not a doubt. This is not what romantic music teaches us. Love is ... Without clarifications and definitions. Love - and don't ask. Just love.

9. A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, always find something to do and insist on his own.

10. It doesn't matter what others think - because they will think something anyway. So take it easy.