3 tips from billionaires thanks to Forbes magazine

3 tips from billionaires how to become successful which were published by Forbes magazine, which were shared by successful people, so we read and think about what we are doing wrong.

The first secret of "truly wealthy people is that they are not afraid to fail."

Each of the billionaires at least once made the wrong business decisions, but they certainly learned from the failures. "Learning from mistakes" is about world tycoons.

The second secret of "the truly rich is that they are creative about the problems associated with the sources of new profits."

Business sharks are never satisfied with what they have achieved and always critically evaluate their achievements, trying to achieve more.

The magazine calls a successful marriage the third secret of billionaires. Forbes emphasizes that when talking about a happy marriage, it does not mean rich heiresses at all, although the fortune of the chosen one is by no means a disadvantage.

"It is critical to have a spouse who supports you and, more importantly, believes in your progress upward, " the publication says.

At the same time, the right choice of the life partner was called the main source of their capital by all "self-maidmen" who made up their fortune in the first generation.