Poor people's habits and how to change your mindset

The habits of poor people and how to change the way of thinking since Poverty and wealth is first of all a way of thinking, and then the amount of money in the account. And this is the biggest secret of greed. It is as difficult as it is easy.

And so these are the habits themselves:

1. The poor are constantly saving. If you always buy at a discount, even when it is not significant. Or you always prefer quantity to quality, this is a clear sign of a poor person.

2. Poor people often buy things they don't need. Maybe because the thing was incredibly cheap, maybe because it attracted everyone's attention, but you bought the thing, not because you had such a goal, but because the thing attracted you.

3. Poor people use coupons and live on schedule of promotions in stores. You seem to be repeating to yourself: "I have too little money to just go and buy what I want when I want."

4. The poor save the most on health. They treat health as an inexhaustible resource and are very surprised when this turns out to be not the case.

5. The poor feel sorry for themselves. The poor know for sure why and how unhappy they are. Therefore, the poor are often well aware of their shortcomings and often love to complain.

6. The poor love to make excuses. It is difficult to give up this habit, especially when you are convinced that you are right.

7. Poor people prefer to be right rather than happy. The sense of justice in such people, as a rule, is heightened.

8. Poor people believe that honest work is hard work. Most poor people are convinced that big money is always dirty and earned in violation of the law.

9. The poor always look at others. They are interested in the opinion of others about themselves, they are interested in the life and problems of other people. Poor people worry more about the hero of the series or their neighbor than about themselves. That being said, the poor can easily neglect their families.

10. Poor people have wonderful dreams. In doing so, they do not forget to remind themselves: "This is just a dream." Their dreams are considered unrealizable.

11. Poor people love to be jealous. Sometimes, justifying this with the concept of "white envy", which is often known very little.

12. Poor people watch TV a lot. The TV is the main thing in the house. She is given a significant part of her life.

13. Poor people do not believe in themselves. They remember very well what limits them and do not try to go beyond this framework.

14. Poor people equate money with happiness. However, the level of pleasure from life among the rich never becomes in direct proportion to the amount of money.

15. Poor people prefer immediate gain. To snatch a bigger piece once, it seems to them, is better than building a path to success for years.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your life, read these lines again. You always have a choice and an opportunity to change something. Good luck in your endeavors!