Clara - the most famous rhino of the 18th century

And among the rhinos there are real stars. One of these was the female of Indian rhino named Clara. For his life, she visited many cities in Europe - more than another modern tourist - everywhere they met the amazed and grateful spectators.

For a long time, the inhabitants of the old world knew about the existence of rhinos only in the stories of travelers who visited mysterious oriental lands. The rhino wanted to show Europe back in 1515 - and the brave portuguese even managed to deliver the animal to Lisbon. However, when transporting to Rome to show the dad, the ship with a rhino was in the storm and sank. German artist Albrecht Durer with stories of few witnesses tried to portray rhino on paper. By this picture, Europeans and were content with the stretch of subsequent centuries.

After the failure of the 1515 year of the year, the rhinos became more than 3 times in the old light, but for various reasons, all these attempts were unsuccessful. So far, finally, in July 1741, Indian rhino named Clara did not arrive in the Dutch port city. Who would have thought that by stepped by his mighty paw to the European continent, Clara would be the cause of "rhino and engaged in all of Europe in the two subsequent centuries.

Clara was born in 1738, her mother was killed during the hunt, and a small rhino as a funny and unusual pet took to his house owner of the Dutch East Indian company. True, after some time, Clara, as the cubs called, stopped placing in the house, and it was sold to the captain of the Dutch ship Van der Meiru.

Long path from India to Holland, and finally, an unusual beast is represented by the in the amazed public on the streets of Rotterdam. Seeing what interest among others causes an animal, Van der Meer decided to sell his ship and risk to arrange a tour with a rhino across Europe.

Transportation of animal weighing more than two tons was really a big adventure for that time. To provide an animal with everything necessary, the former captain had to hire a team of 165 people!

As already known, previous attempts to carry rhinos in the old world ended in deplorable. One of them died of illness, another killed at the very beginning of the trip - after the animal overturned the royal crew. Van der Meer took into account the mistakes of his predecessors and accepted all the necessary security measures: near Clara was constantly a veterinarian, she was given only fresh food, they never used physical violence and always transported in the indoor wagon charged with 8 horses.

Tour Clara in Europe ran through Holland, the sacred Roman Empire, Commonwealth, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic and England. Along the way, the rhino has visited hundreds of large and small cities, causing an excitement everywhere.

While Clara stayed in the same city, the organizers were advertised by the ambulance arrival of an exotic animal in another. Watching on the rhino came both rich and poor.

The amazing spectacle was so impressed by people that in the work of the 18th century a kind of "rhinogenia" is traced: Clara is depicted in paintings, frescoes, bas-reliefs, it could be found in the form of sculptures.

Rhorenob known for the whole world died from old age in April 1758 in London. Clara lived for a long, happy and, probably, the most interesting sororal life, which can only be represented.