Prints of palms of 13,000 years

Is it possible to touch the antiquity? Not to the works of antique sculptors and builders, but to the epochs left for a long time in the past?

Living in the modern world, we rarely think about how long the earth is inhabit. It all started another millions of years ago, when the first hominids stood on the hind limbs and learned how to create primitive tools. The modern era with writing, cities and states is just a moment compared with those times when the continents migrated the few tribes of our ancestors.

And they lived not in homes or shacks - they simply had no need to build: the primitive tribes engaged in collecting, had to constantly migrate depending on seasonal changes. However, rare lucky people managed to find such places where food was in excess all year round, and the shelter was under the side. Of course, we are talking about the caves - natural natural shelters leaving for dozens of meters deep-rong rocks. Here they are the most ancient samples of human settlements. Sometimes such caves could serve as a house for tribes for thousands of years. During this time, numerous traces left by ancient people were accumulated in them, and some of them managed to preserve to this day.

One of their such caves is located in the south of Argentina not far from the Puntaras River. Archaeologists believe that the ancients - the descendants of the South American Indians - inhabited it for tens of thousands of years. All over the world, this cave is known as the "hand cave".

Why she got such a name becomes clear immediately at the entrance - the walls of the cave are devoted to the imprints of people living in it. Our ancestors used natural dyes, which sprayed over a lean palm with bone tubes. By the way, it was precisely for their remains found from one of the walls, scientists were able to discover the age of rocking painting - from 13, 000 to 9, 000 years.

If an adult man attes his palm to imprints of his distant ancestors, it will be surprised that their palms were much smaller. So big difference in physical development between an ancient person and the current one? In fact, no - ancient people were physically developed, just most of these prints belong to adolescents. Most likely, leave the drawing of his palm on the wall of the cave was a kind of rite among the members of the tribe, when young men and girls entered into a certain age.

Take care of these prints. From the ancient stone to us stretch the arms of dead people. But this does not become scary - the traces make us think about eternity, however fleeting the life of one person in a merciless flow of time is going.

Illustration: Depositphotos | DURKTALSMA