Sher Ami - a hero dove that received a combat award

Unfortunately, animals have to participate in human wars from ancient times. The most common assistant man in any war always remained a horse. But sometimes it was possible to meet more exotic options on the advanced: combat elephants, burning pigs, demolition dogs ...

There was a service at the front and pigeons. But the feathered used, of course, not to attack the enemy and not as assistants in battle, but to deliver urgent messages and orders or for intelligence. One of the largest to use the pigeons of war has become the first world. When the war for the first time in history has acquired a total character, the commanders of the compounds were required to clearly coordinate their actions many times a day - exactly here on the revenue and came the pennate. Some of them, as a dove named Sher Ami, entered the story.

On October 3, 1918, the 500 soldiers of the 77th Infantry Division of the United States committed a breakthrough in the enemy territory, where after a long battle was surrounded. In reserve, the fighters had 4 postal pigeons. The commander decided to send one bird to headquarters with a request to provide artillery support, but due to ignorance of the area, the incorrect coordinates of the detachment were transmitted. Soon the artillery began to fill the allies in mistake - due to the friendly fire, the connection lost half of the personnel.

Americans sent two more pigeons to the headquarters with corrected coordinates. As soon as the soldiers saw the bird in the sky - everything as one was taken to fill on it from the rifles. So this time happened this time: seeing two birds, the Germans opened fire on them and were able to kill them. Surrounded remained the last chance - a dove with french named Sher Ami. The bird has already made more than a dozen departures and brought important information on time, so the soldiers considered it lucky.

As soon as Sher Ami rose into the air, the enemy opened a tight fire on it: the bullets fell to the animal in the chest, tear off the paw and knocked out the eyes. But some miraculous winged connected was able to stay in the air and fly through German positions. After a few hours, the artillery subsided - the dove once again fulfilled its task. And the allies who came to aid helped to break through and return to their territory - 194 soldiers were obliged to live a little bird.

At this time, doctors in the hospital fought for the life of Sher Ami. To the joy of soldiers they managed to save her, and the dove quickly became the national hero. Given the perfect feat and many successful departures (12 transmitted messages during the so-called "vertex meat grinder" - one of the very bloody battles of the First World War), Sher Ami was awarded the Military Cross - the French State Military Award.

A year later, the bird died from natural reasons. From her carcas, they made the stuffed, which is now stored in the Smithsonian Institute in the United States.