What a real helmet of the Wiking soldier looked like (horns on it did not have)

In modern culture, the image of the Viking is associated with a horned helmet, which allegedly worn these harsh navigators. But in fact, the use of wiking helmets is not more than a legend. Usually, the scandinavans either fought at all without a helmet or used comfortable tightly tight head helmets with eye slots.

On March 30, 1943, the Norwegian farmer, working on his garden near the village, unexpectedly stumbled upon an old burial. The historians and archaeologists arrived at the place organized excavations, which were crowned with success. The Kurgan Wiking Wikinov's warriors with various things, which, apparently, belonged to them. One of the most valuable finds became a well-preserved metallic helmet - a typical example of protecting the head of that era.

Historians suggest that this helmet was made about 10th century AD, and its uniqueness is that at the moment he is the only one-piece helmet of the Viking, which has come to this day. The fact is that the climate of the northern lands with a frequent movement of temperatures through the zero mark practically does not leave the chance of finding well-preserved items of that distant era, so the Viking Helmet from Gymunda is real good luck.