13 life tips from the most Casanov

Jacomo Giloramo Casanova - the Italian traveler and the writer who lived in the 18th century - is known primarily by his numerous love adventures and adventures. Casanova managed to visit many countries and matured with the famous and influential people of his time. And the fame of the conqueror of female hearts so strengthened for Giacomo, that his name became nominative. To whom it is not Casanov to know the path to life, complete adventures, and own all the subtleties in a relationship with the opposite sex? That's what the famous Italian advice gives his descendants.

Be decisive

The main thing in life is courageous and decisive. Strength without determination is nothing.

Be mysterious

A woman who achieved at least a little success is that the man wants to learn more about her, almost fell in love with him. After all, what is love, if not curiosity?

External appeal - this is not the most important in life

"Beauty without an acute mind can not offer anything other than physical charm, while a combination of wit and not very beautiful appearance, in the end, can conquer a man and satisfy all his desires."

Do not be deceived - most likely, you are not able to control your physical desires

"A person who has sufficient inner power to control his emotions and desires, truly wise, but such personalities are extremely rare."

Be independent

"I must confess: no matter what I do in my life, be it good or evil, everything was committed voluntarily; I am a free bird. "

Remember - you can not be absolutely free

"A person is free in his desires, but this does not mean that he is free to do everything that he pleases - in this case, he becomes a slave of passion, allowing it to manage his actions."

No one please

"As for the deception of women - yes, God is with him! Everyone knows that the man's lovers and a woman often deceive each other. "

Do not be afraid to go to my goal for a long time - it is worth

"The sweetest those pleasures that you have sought a long time and hard."

There is nothing bad in connection with the former lovers

"Recalling the feelings in mind, experienced in the past, I again experiencing pleasure, and I remember with a grin of anxiety that I don't feel anymore."

deceive is not good, however ...

"Cheating or treason is a sin, but chaste trick is farsighted and virtuously. The one who has not learned the art of deception is just a boy. "

Do not be too tied to a person

"I loved women to madness, but still freedom I always loved more."

Enjoy not the very goal, and dear to it

"The reader of these memoirs probably already realized that I never set up certain tasks, and that my system, if you can call it so, like the wind in a serene stream of life - you never know where you will come out. What a rich variety gives such an independent lifestyle! ".

In no case do not bind yourself to the bonds of marriage

"The marriage is a grave for love."