Why is a yellow taxi?

Globalization walks on the planet - in almost any country of the world you can always determine a taxi on the yellow color of the car body. Why exactly the yellow color became universally used for a taxi?

The history of modern taxi started at the beginning of the era of the mass automotive industry. The rapid expansion of cities and the increase in the rhythm of life gave rise to demand for the possibility of rapid movement in the city. In the early 20th century, numerous automotive companies specializing in passenger transportation began everywhere in major cities of the United States and Western Europe. But to enter the story was destined only to one of them - the company Yellow Cab Company, founded in 1910 by the American entrepreneur John Herez.

Yellow Cab Company was based in Chicago, and her whole fleet was painted in yellow. Historians argue that until 1910, some taxis were painted in yellow, but it was John Huzz that introduced it into mass use.

It is believed that the choice fell on yellow due to its notice: this is evidenced by a survey conducted by the University of Chicago at the request of Hearz. Yellow taxis is not only notable, but also comfortable, equipped with powerful engines - quickly gained popularity among Chicago residents. Yellow Cab Company began to develop rapidly, emitting the largest US cities in the largest city. Over time, yellow began to be considered a classic coloring taxis not only in the USA, but also around the world.