Three sun in the sky? No - it is a pargene

In the frosty winter day in the sky, sometimes you can see not one, and two, three or even five suns. No, this is not hallucinations or UFOs - this phenomenon is called Pargelions, and he has a strict scientific explanation.

When the street is cold enough, the moisture microcompo in the atmosphere is frozen and turn into ice crystals. Assembling with the help of air flows in certain places and taking the same position, at some point in time these crystals begin to reflect the light rays from the ascending or cloncing to sunset. Our eye perceives this effect as additional light spots that are very similar to the real sun.

It's interesting: Sometimes during the dawn, when the sun is still hidden behind the horizon, its twin appears in the sky. This phenomenon is called false dawn and it occurs for the same reason - the refraction of sunlight with ice crystals.