Elysia Chlorotica - the only famous animal with photosynthesis

Eastern Emerald Elysia (Elysia Chlorotica) is a unique view of marine bubbles of mollusks. In the process of its evolution, the Elizes became the only animal (from well-known science), which uses photosynthesis for nutrition.

Elysia Chlorotica dwells along the Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada. Her young individuals initially do not represent anything unusual and have a brownish with red splashes. But as ELIATIVES is growing, it starts to eat by algae Vaucheria Litorea, piercing her cells with its grater-rainbow and sucking all the contents. Cell-contained chloroplasts are filtered and assimilated with their own mollusk cells.

Recall that chloroplasts are the components of plant cells, with which the process of photosynthesis is carried out, that is, the process of converting solar energy into the energy of links. Chloroplasts contain photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll, which gives plants green.

Gradually absorbing more and more chloroplasts, the mollusk changes its color from brown to green. After the accumulation of a sufficient number of chloroplast, the animal passes to power solar energy and gets glucose in the process of photosynthesis. This ability gives the eastern emerald elusion the opportunity to survive the periods when algae Vaucheria Litorea is not available. Interestingly, even if the mollusk will remain in the shade of the shade for a long time, and all accumulated chloroplasts perished, the Eastern Emerald Elias can begin to eat algae and accumulate chloroplast for photosynthesis.

At the moment, Vaucheria Litorea is the only known animal that can exercise the process of photosynthesis.

This is interesting: A unique mollusk has a rather unusual ending of his life. Throughout the life cycle, a deadly virus is present in the body of the Eastern Estrald Elias, which is activated immediately after laying the mollusk eggs - 10 months after birth - and makes adults of the elusion, synchronously die. This phenomenon is known as Fenoptosis - programmed death in living organisms to clear the population from aging individuals.