7 interesting facts about dragonflies

If you found yourself on our planet 300 million years ago, you would see that the dragonflies were among the first insects of the land. Thus, they had a lot of time to improve the art of flight, hunting and just please the surrounding her beauty. We present to your attention seven facts that will change your view on these unique, ancient and incredibly diverse insects.

Dragonflies can intercept production in the air

If you are a mosquito, midge or another small insect, then dragonfly is a real nightmare for you. After all, dragonflies are not just pursuing their prey. They track the moving object, arranging air ambushes and hung up in the air for a long time, and already from there attack their goal. Dragonflies are able to evaluate the speed and trajectory of movement and adjust its flight to intercept production. These skills are developed in excellent, therefore 95% of hunting occasion are completed successfully.

Dragonflies Incredibly sharp jaws

Strategy of Hunting Dragonfly is really impressive, and how they know how to break their prey, takes them to a new level of skill.

Dragongles belong to the detachment "odon", whose name means "armed with teeth". The name is explained by the presence of very sharp jaws in the dragonfly. During the hunt, dragonflies catch prey and teeth off their teeth wings so that the victim could not fly away.

Fortunately, dragonflies cannot bite a person. The overwhelming majority of species lack the forces to contact the skin. Only some large breeds can bite, as a rule, only in the case of self-defense.

Dragonflies - Stunning fly

Only a few species in the whole animal kingdom can be compared with the beautiful and spectacular florosis. Dragonfly has two pairs of wings. Their muscles are arranged so that they allow each wing to move independently of the other, changing the angles of inclination. It is due to this dragonfly possess excellent maneuverability, sometimes changing the trajectory of movement in the opposite direction in a part of the seconds of a second.

Dragonflies generally can fly in any direction, including Block and back. And they may freeze in one place for a minute and even more. This amazing ability gives them an advantage in air ambushes.

They are not only clever and fast, but also extremely hardy

One of the types of dragonflies - Rabbing red - worthy of the highest reinforcement award: among all insects, it is a record holder in migration, overcoming the distance over 6 500 kilometers. More in the article "Dragonfly - record holder for the farthest migration among insects."

Dragonfly eyes - a real masterpiece of nature

If you look at the head of dragonfly, you can notice one thing. More precisely, 30, 000 things.

On the head of the dragonfly there is a pair of faceted eyes, consisting of 30, 000 so-called ommatiev (structural units). The viewing angle of such eyes is almost 360 degrees! Only behind the stretch in the dragonfly there is a blind zone in several degrees. Such vision allows them to be fixed in the mining of midge, even if it is surrounded by other similar insects, as well as avoid collisions while chasing it.

And they not only have an exceptional field of view, but also can see the world in colors that we can not even imagine.

The human eye is arranged in such a way that the photosensitive cells available in it are columns - the most acute react to three colors: red, blue and green. That is, all the colors that we see are a combination of three colors data. This is due to the presence of three different types of photosensitive receptors in our eyes - OPSINS. However, the study of 12 types of dragonflies showed that each of them has 11, and some even 30 oatsigns, which makes it possible to see the world completely in another color than people.

Dragonflies can live two years under water

Dragonflies lay eggs into water, and when the larvae hatch, they live under water up to 2 years. In fact, depending on the size, they can remain in a state of larva for up to 6 years. They also have to be polished about 17 times to turn into those dragonflies we are accustomed to see in the air.

They are adapted for life under water and can catch prey, attacking it at a huge speed. They feed on a huge amount of larvae, headastmen and fry. Dragonflies do not differ even with larvae of other dragonflies.

Some types of dragonfly lay eggs in salted water

Few insects can live in the ocean. But dragonflies are an exception. They successfully lay the larvae and in sea water.

You can visit the dragonfle reserves worldwide

Dragonflies need protection against the effects of human actions - first of all, from environmental pollution. Fortunately, dracosic reserves around the world.

The first similar reserve appeared in the UK - in 2009 in Cambridgeshire County solemnly opened Dragonfly Center. The goal of the Center to stop the decline in the number of 42 types of insect data encountered in the UK. Biologists believe that the number of dragonflies affects the decrease in the amount of swamps, as well as active use on the fields of pesticides and insecticides.