Amazing photos of fireflies from the forests of Japan

Summer is a special time for every person. Someone is looking forward to the warmth of the year to go to the long-awaited vacation, someone meets the summer, waiting for the beginning of the country's season or the season of fishing, others are waiting for the sunny season to eat beloved fruits and vegetables ...

But a group of Japanese photographers is looking forward to starting the summer to make amazing shill stalls filling in Japanese forests with the onset of warm days.

Each such a picture is made up of several hundred pictures, which are superimposed on each other, so it seems that there are several thousand insects in the frame, although in fact their number does not exceed several dozen. The fact is that the fireflies are extremely sensitive to environmental pollution, and with a modern environmental situation around the world find them every year, unfortunately, it becomes more difficult and more difficult.

This is interesting: Based on the lightweight of the lights, there is a complex chemical reaction with the use of substances of luciferine, luciferase, adenosineryphosphoric acid, as well as oxygen. In this case, this chemical reaction is extremely high energy efficiency, that is, all the energy "leaves" into light, practically non-highlighting heat. For example, in a conventional incandescent lamp, only 5% of energy turn into light, and the lights in light transformed up to 98% of energy!