Why men's buttons on the right, and in women on the left?

No man will wear a shirt, whose buttons will be ocked on the left side. Just because in this case it is feminine. Indeed, on things from the female wardrobe, buttons are usually selected on the left side, and men's things are on the right.

From where it was exactly that this feature is exactly not known, but probably she originates from those times when people wore much more complex and richly decorated clothes than now. Nowadays, the girls are dressing themselves, but since the times of the Renaissance and ending with the Victorian era, the girls from secured families could afford the content of the servant, who dressed them before leaving. Often the clothing contained so many small details and nuances that it was very difficult to wear the whole kit on themselves it was extremely difficult. And the helpful servants were much easier to fasten clothes if the buttons were sewn on the left side (in the case when the assistant stood face to the girl, as it often happened). Men and at all times preferred to dress on their own.

Of course, the question arises why such a small group of people who could afford to contain a servant set a fashion for everyone else? But there is nothing surprising: the highest class has always been a source of fashion trends for medium and low class (for example, a visual story with wearing heels).

Another popular explanation is that earlier the man necessarily wore a weapon with him. It is assumed that the clothes with buttons on the right side of the man were worn in order to keep the weapon with their right hand, and in case of need to unbutton the upper clothes and get the necessary thing (unbuttoned the left hand of the buttons, the shirts arched on the right side are much simpler than the left hand On the left side). And in the more distant past, when they fought with swords, the standard combat rack assumed the left foot forward, the shield in his left hand and weapon in the right. Meeting the enemy, the protective shirt was fastening the mustache not to the right left, otherwise the enemy sword could find the gap, and from left to right.

But, perhaps, the case is not at all in the fashion or weapon wearing, but in small children? After all, when a woman wears a breast child, she prefers to hug his left hand, while the free right feed him. It is likely that it was for this buttons on women's clothes began to fifty on the left side.

Be that as it may, the way of fastening clothes in our time is distributed by sexual sign, and modern stores are often the place of sewing buttons helps to distinguish men's clothing from female.