Why is the shed called the shed?

Shed is an unheated room with a roof, where they hold the cattle or keep any things. Many people imagine a barn as a wooden tricky building, in which Kurakut's churches and grunt pigs or just welded old things. Why is this room called such a strange word - shed?

The word "Shed" is very ancient and originally appeared in the language of the eastern peoples. In ancientrantly, the modern word Sarai sounded like Srada, and marked the luxurious room where the king lived with his approximate or another very influential state of the state. Literally translate this word into a modern language can be as a "royal castle" or simply "Palace".

Later, during the Persian Empire, "Srada" was transformed into "Sarai". At this time, the Persian state experienced his flourishing: his army conquered all new peoples, and merchants visited far lands in search of sales of their products. It is not surprising that many oriental nationalities gradually assimilated with the Persian culture, and in many eastern languages ​​a word appeared similar to the Persian Sarai: Saraj - in Turkic, Harad - in Bashkir, Shed - in the Kazakh language; Saroy - in Uzbek. Only the meaning of the word for centuries has gradually changed: it has become used not only for the designation of the "royal castle", but also for the designation of large buildings, the boring courtyards, finally, the wischain settlements.

In the first half of the 13th century, the Mongolian invasions began on Russian principalities, as a result of which most of them ceased to exist, while others became vassals of Mongolian Khanov. The Mongolian troops included many nations that spoke on various adverbs, which brought new words to Russian. It is probably exactly then to the Russian language and the word "shed".

But why exactly the wooden building for livestock began to call the word "Sarai", which in the East indicated the "Palace" or "Strength Dvor"? On this expense, we can only build assumptions ... Perhaps the conditions of the innings of nomads were very reminded of cattle pens (here it is not about the purity and hygiene of the nomads tribes, but that the nomad always kept his horse with him, and even spent the night with her together under one roof). And, perhaps, the word "Saraight" was delivering wooden buildings, wearing auxiliary functions with the economy - after all, the capital of the Golden Horde was called "Sarai", and thus the inhabitants wanted to show their hostility and disrespect in relation to foreign invaders .