Pink Lake Hillier - Miracle of Nature in Australia

Pink Lake Hillier got its name due to pink water. The miracle of nature is located in the south-west of Australia, surrounded by white sand and eucalyptus forest. One of the sides of the lake looks straight on the blue water of the Pacific Ocean, which gives the spectacular a special contrast and unusualness.

Scientists of the whole world put forward assumptions, because of which the color of the lake is unusual color, however, they did not come to one. One of the most popular was the hypothesis that the water in the lake is too salted and contains specific microorganisms of the corresponding color. However, after careful analysis of water, the assumption did not receive confirmation, and the riddle of the rose lake is still not disclosed.

Lake Hillier attracts a huge number of tourists who want to enjoy a magnificent view of an unusual water stroit, surrounded by white sands and a refreshed green eucalyptus forest. However, visiting the pink lake can afford not all: the reservoir is in a hard-to-reach place where you can only get on the helicopter. From the aircraft, then the green forest landscape with a pink spot in the middle looks particularly surprising: it seems that some giant dropped a huge chewing gum on the ground.

Lake Hillier Small: its length is 600 meters, width - 250. The reservoir shallow, so it is well suited for swimming. In different seasons of the year, the water changes its color from gently pink to saturated burgundy.

The pink lake is famous and high salt content, which allowed for 6 years to engage in its prey, which was then stopped.

In addition to the Hillier lake there are some more reservoirs with pink color of water, but their color is easily explained by the presence of microscopic algae of the genus Danaleyella solonic.