Can sharp pepper kill?

Remember this little red pepper, even a small piece of which causes burning pain? Sometimes it is enough just to touch his hand, and then accidentally touch the skin area to get unpleasant feelings for a few minutes. And what will happen if you eat several sharp peppers? Is it possible to die if you eat too much burning pepper?

Of course, our mouth begins to burn not due to the fact that the pepper is too hot, and due to the fact that it contains a substance capsaicin, exciting thermal receptors. Those, in turn, transmit a signal to the brain, and we have a feeling that there is something warm in the mouth. The more capsaicin is contained in pepper, the stronger the "burning" is our mucous. If you eat a lot of capsaici-containing products, you will create a semblance of a chain reaction, and more and more thermal receptors will begin to move to the excited state. Over time, the heat begins to be felt all over the body, and the Spirit appears on the forehead.

Product's burning is determined by Zapaced's scale of Zekoville, which shows the content of the capsaicin and is determined in the ESE (Skoville scale units). Eshem values ​​range from zero to millions. For example, sweet red pepper has a zero ESAT value, while one of the most burning in the world of peppers - Trinidadsky scorpion - has a value equal to 2, 000, 000. For comparison, green pepper Halapeno, which seems unbearably burning, has an ESE, equal to 5000.

Suppose that an acute food amateur wants to eat a lot of burning peppers and worries that after another portion, it may fall to death. It is known that the deadly daily dose of capsaicin for a person is 100 mg per 1 kg of mass. It turns out, for the average person weighing 80 kg of mortal will be a dose of 8 grams of pure capsaicin. On the scale of the Skoville, the value of ESHS Capsaicin is 16, 000, 000, while the pepper burning is Habaro is 300, 000. By making simple calculations, it can be seen that it is necessary to eat about 0.5 kg of peppers Habaro. The smaller the value of the burning pepper, the more it will be necessary to eat for the deadly outcome. In the end, to die from capsaicin poisoning by peppers Khalapeno, you need to eat so many kilograms of fruits that a person will soon die from the break of the esophagus than from the action of capsaicin.

But even if you take a very burning pepper and try to end it with life with life, the body will include a protective response long before the deadly dose of capsaicine occurs. In other words, pain and irritation of the mucous membranes will become unbearable, and the general condition of the body will deteriorate to such an extent that the person will simply lose consciousness.

The video below visually demonstrates how difficult it is even one sharp pen.

It is interesting: All of the above does not apply to people who have allergies to capsaicin. In this case, the use of even several grams of acute peppers can provoke the respiratory edema followed by choking.

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