How to celebrate New Year in different countries?

The traditional New Year in the countries of the former USSR does not cost without sparkling champagne with sweet tangerines, buckets of beloved lettuce, a huge elegant Christmas tree with gifts and a list of desires that you need to have time for the battle of the chimes. Everything else is a matter of fantasy and mood! Well, how to celebrate the new year in other countries and continents, how do you attract happiness and good luck people, far from Slavic culture? Before you, the top 10 unusual New Year traditions from around the world.

Burning stuffed.

Yes, you did not hear, this is how they meet the New Year in Panama. Each family makes a terrible scarecrow, which at midnight necessarily ignites as a symbol of victory over the difficulties of the outgoing year. Burning the problems of the past, the inhabitants of Panama are preparing to start a new year from pure sheet. And so that he brought joy, he is encricted, machine alarms and a ringing of all available bells.

Hold a pipeline.

The inhabitants of Estonia believe that the happiness of the house is brought in ... cylinders. It is for this reason that the most popular New Year's gift Estonians serves a figurine of a pipeline, even better - perepanned by the real soot!

Kin Plate in the neighbor.

It is so strange way to attract good luck in the new year Danes. So, if you want to wish someone happiness and health, break about his threshold of a plate or a glass: the more broken dishes will find the owners in the morning, the stronger the future of their future. The abundance of porcelain fragments clearly demonstrates the number of family goodwhelters.

Collect the suitcase on the road.

The inhabitants of Peru believe that the journey in the new year is not necessary to earn a challenge! All that for this you need is to assemble a suitcase and on the night of January 1, to get around your quarter with him, in detail representing a desired trip. By the way, not so long ago, in the same Peru, there was a tradition to go to the New Year's Eve in search of a narrowed, gunner of the Ivesprit.

Paper boom

According to the traditions of Argentina, it is necessary to get rid of the accumulated old papers, letters, newspapers or dusty checks, which delivered the whole previous year. Therefore, it is not to be surprised if you find the city in paper bumps on January 1st - this is the beginning of a new life!

Fiery Wires

But the Scottish is customary to accomplish the old year, setting on the barrels with the tar and chasing them through the night streets of the city. Of course, not all citizens participate in this action, family people most often under the battle of the Kurats are sitting in warm fireplaces with an open entrance door. This ancient ritual implies "openness" by a new one, so the Scots are offered to enter the house luck to divide the holiday.

Red required

The times have long passed when the Italians threw away from their windows any unnecessary trash, preparing to enter a year with a clean page. But there was a single tradition that it is impossible to eradicate - every resident of Italy is obliged to celebrate the New Year in something red, ranging from ridiculous red golfs or a sweater donated with a grandmother, and ending with defiantly daring erotic linen.

Twelve grapes

This custom, perhaps, spread even beyond his homeland - Spain. On the eve of the upcoming year, it is necessary to eat 12 grapes for the battle of festive chimes, as a symbol of good luck in each new month of next year. The tradition is immaculately complied with the dreamers and historical canons' pastors already as a hundred years.

Weaving Facebook

This ancient tradition of the inhabitants of Japan island is to hang on the front door of a bizarre product from pine, fern, bamboo and mandarin, which should welcome the spirit of the new year and bring good luck to the house. In addition to Gadomatsu, on the holiday of the New Year in Japan, it is important to break through 108 blows to the bell to clean your "karma".

divination on pomegranate grains

Greeks are resorted to this unusual tradition. So the owner of each family is obliged to break the fruit of a ripe grenade on New Year's Eve. The more red grains crushes on the floor, the happier and the life of households in the coming year will be richer.

Each country has its own interesting traditions and ways to celebrate the New Year. One thing remains unchanged - we all wish that the next year brought happiness, love and harmony to the house, fulfilling the most intimate desires. Let it be so!