Solonchak Uin - the biggest mirror in the world

In the highland region of Western Bolivia lies the biggest mirror in the world - the dried lake, full salt. In Andakh, there is a lot of beautiful lakes, however, Solonchak Uyuni, located in the south of Altiplano, it is difficult to name the lake in the full sense of this layer. There is no water in Solonchak at all, there are only a large amount of salt.

Solonchak is at an altitude of more than 3000 m above the sea and covers an area of ​​more than 10 thousand square kilometers. Uyuni is the largest saltchart in the world. Inside, the salt pack is covered with a thick layer of the cooking salts, which make up two to eight meters. When rains are held over the salt bar, it begins to glisten and reflect the light, becoming similar to a huge mirror.

It is believed that more than 40, 000 years ago, he was part of the Lake Minskin, distinguished from Lake Balillian. Minskin, after drying, was divided into two lakes of Popo and Uru-Urau and two Salon Salon and Salar de Kupaas.

According to scientists, Solonchak will allow to get up to 10 billion tons of table salt. At the same time, up to 25 thousand tons of salt are made every year. In addition, Solonchak contains lithium chloride, from which lithium production is produced in sufficient quantity. That is why uuesty occupies important economic importance in the life of the country.

This is interesting: Of course, Solonchak Uin - the most popular place among tourists. On his shore there are several hotels that are fully made of ... Salts.

The perfectly smooth Siberian surface allows it to turn it into one of the main ways to move transport. The arrivals note that Solonchak Uine has the fascinating beauty of the terrain: if you look in the distance, it seems that the lake extends far and hiding behind the horizon. It seems that the journey is performed in another dimension. And in the rainy season it seems that the person goes to a large to beless to the mirror. At the same time, a sufficiently small amount of water to be in a fairy tale.

Everyone who saw this miracle of nature, they say as if they were between the two heavens: one was over his head, the second was under his feet.

It is interesting: Earlier, near Solonchak, ore mines worked, where the production was carried out. Then the mines were closed, and trains that were transported by ore left. Now this place has become a museum of steam locomotives in the open air. Lovers and experts will be able to find here many interesting specimens relating to different years of manufacture. Time is heartless to steam locomotives, and many of them are in poor condition, because of what the authorities decided to turn the locomotive cemetery at the open-air museum. This will save the story in the original form.