Where is the most accumulation of snakes?

Want to advice? If you are terrified from the same type of snake, and you were suddenly invited to visit the Canadian province Maritoba - I do not agree! After all, it is there, not far from the village of Narcissus, in the spring there is the greatest accumulation of snakes on Earth.

Tens of thousands of snakes of the Thamnophis Sirtalis Parietalis (garter snakes / garden cough) wake up after hibernation and crawl into the side of the swampy terrain, where they are paired with each other, forming hissing tangles that can read several cells of individuals.

It should not be in horror to grab the head and represent a deserted territory where you should not look at any single essence and where one reptiles rule: the garter snakes are safe, and every year hundreds of tourists come to this amazing spectacle every year from all over the world. Basically, all snakes are concentrated in four pits, around which special viewing platforms are equipped. The distance between the snakes is about three kilometers.

According to the description of eyewitnesses, a distinct unrepressive rustle is heard for each of the pits - these are thousands of snakes rub with their skins about each other.

Unfortunately, the local commuter population has declined in recent decades. All the wines of the terrible weather conditions of 1999, when many reptiles died, never coming to their winter dwellings, and did not restored the population continued to decline from roads that the snakes were forced to cross along the way to their favorite pits. The recently built tunnels under the roads should correct the situation and open the militant silent migration paths.

Currently, there are about 50, 000 snakes in the valley, and their number should increase in the near future.

Main photo: Creative Commons CC0 License