Why is Fry's potatoes so called?

"Where did the name of Frey potatoes come from?" - This is one of those questions that can give a few answers.

The confusion begins with the place of origin of Potato Fries. The main applicants for the country of origin of the recipe are considered to be France and Belgium. The French are confident that at the end of the 18th century, the first to fry the potatoes in oil to the golden crust began their cooks, and then following the French fashion, the dish spread across Europe. Because of the cheapness of cooking, froth potatoes gradually adopted street traders. As arguments, the French lead the name of FRI in English-speaking countries, "FRENCH FRIES", as well as archival records of 1802 years, in which the "potatoes cooked in French" appears. But, as it turned out, this does not give any evidence: in the 18th century, almost all of Europe spoke French.

Belgians lead their version of the occurrence of a popular dish. In their opinion, the first to prepare potatoes of fries began the inhabitants of the Belgian Maas Valley. Before that, they caught fish in the nearest river, roasted her in oil and lived, but then the fish suddenly stopped catching. Then the inhabitants decided to cut into thin slices of potatoes and roasted it just as the fish was fried. Since then, the recipe has spread throughout Belgium, and since almost all the Belgians spoke French, coming foreigners and perceived them as the French. Hence the name - "FRENCH FRIES".

"Fries" translated from English - fried. It would seem, here everything is simple - the potatoes are fry, hence the word "Fries". But Belgians and here can not calm down: in their opinion, an enterprising resident named "Frite" began to first sell this potato in restaurants, which means that the dish got a name in honor of his name.

Be that as it may, now the phrase "FRENCH FRIES" has become well known and is used throughout the world ... In addition to Russia. For some reason, the English word "Freiz" in Russia turned into the word "fries". Because of this, you might think that potatoes are called "Potato Freedom" (from the English word free - freedom). Perhaps someone incorrectly uttered the name, perhaps our ear perceive so easier, but, in any case, it does not affect the taste of the qualities of a harmful, but very tasty dish.