All these items managed to find at the bottom of the river

Amstel - River in the Netherlands, which flows into the North Sea. At the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC A small village appeared in the river delta - the future Amsterdam. The settlement grew, crossed the streets of the streets of river ducts, sought in the lower second to the sea.

Not so long ago, there was a need for the construction of new subway lines, therefore, for security reasons, several water stations had to dry.

It turned out that the river ducts flowing within the city's feature is a real archaeological storage. The archaeologists appeared a rare opportunity to learn items that came to the bottom of the river during the lives of dozens of generations.

During the study, the specialist managed to collect more than 700, 000 different finds. Among them are related to the items of the modern era, and the real historical artifacts: medieval dishes, cutlery, kitchen utensils, coins, smoking tubes of various sizes ...

Upon completion of search engines, Amsterdam's archaeologists created the BelowTheSurface website, where it is possible to get acquainted with the fact that the centuries were copied at the bottom of the river.