Why are some people mosquitoes bite more than others?

While some people are calmly enjoying resting in nature, others literally eats cloud of bloodsucks alive. Why in the same place the mosquitoes react differently to two people: one does not give rest, and others are not even interested in?

Some may think that increased attractiveness for mosquitoes - the fruit of the imagination of a bustard man who does not like insects. But the studies of this phenomenon showed that the interest of blood-sucking insects to individual people is not an invention at all, and may be due to several factors.

Clothes color

As it turned out, mosquitoes carefully follow the fashion and prefer to fly on the clothes of a certain color. Of course, we joked about the fashion, but the bloodsows really attract people, dressed in dark clothing.


If you are actively moving and marshate, then you do not drive into insects, but, on the contrary, attract them actively.

Heat Body

When the Mosquito female turns out to be close to a person, the warmth of the human body begins to navigate for it. The sensitive bodies of insects are caught even the minimum difference in the body temperature, sending a mosquito to a warmer person. It turns out, you will attract more attention after exercise. Also in the risk zone, sick people are pregnant women who have body temperature usually above the norm.

Carbon dioxide

Mosquitoes using a special body located near the trunk can detect carbon dioxide source at a distance of 50 meters. All people exhale carbon dioxide during the natural process of breathing, but someone exhales more, and someone less. For example, the exhalation of a pregnant woman contains 21% more carbon dioxide than other people. But the children will not so much attract the attention of mosquitoes, as they exhale less carbon dioxide than adults.

Alcohol use

Finally, good news for pregnant women: alcohol is very strongly attracted by insects, so women in position will be able to sigh calmly if there are drinking people next to them. While it is not yet clear how bloodsowing insects determine the presence of alcohol in air or blood, but according to observations it is enough to drink 350 ml of beer to earn close attention of numerous midges.

skin properties

Almost 85% of your attractiveness for mosquitoes and other obsessive insects depends on the properties of the skin. You can walk in white, breathe little and not to take a drop of alcohol in your mouth, but if there is a large amount of dairy and uric acid from the glands on your skin - be prepared for permanent insect attacks.