What will happen if zipper will hit the quadcopter?

Quadcopters, drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Surely, some of the quadcopters had to fly in a thunderstorm. The popular video block manager and the Tom Scott lover decided to attribute several devices to the high voltage laboratory at the University of Manchester, where it can be manually generated by the zipper.

In the first experiment, the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter was missed by a voltage of more than 1 million volts. The aircraft immediately collapsed to the ground, having ceased to work. After a thorough inspection, the specialists did not find any visible damage on it, but the entire internal electronic filling of the quadrocopter was unusable.

Slowed video from lightning to quadcopter:

In the second experiment, the team tried to protect another drone by creating a thunder with a copper ribbon, stretching it around the perimeter of the device. However, the second lightning did not pay any attention to the protection of the quadrocopter, having struck it into one of the propellers, which in view of the structural features was the highest point. This time the device received both external and internal damage and again without a chance collapsed to the ground.


As a result of the experiment, it becomes obvious that, unlike aircraft, the features of which allow them without problems to endure lightning, drones and quadcopters remain extremely vulnerable to electrical discharges. This means that for the sake of maintaining expensive techniques, it should be abandoned from its use in a thunderstorm.

Illustration: source