The harbor was found, where the Greek ships were preparing for the battle of Salamine

The battle of Salamine occurred on September 28, 480 BC. And is the largest sea battle of antiquity. According to historians, the combined fleet of Greek city cities consisted of 400 ships, the number of ships of their opponents - Persians - exceeded 1000 units. Ultimately, the ability of the Greek Flotovators helped the Ellinas defeat the superior enemy's forces and change the course of the war with the Persian Empire in their favor.

Due to the many ancient documents describing the preparation and outcome of the battle, we know well the battle details at Salamin Island. And we continue to find the traces of the grandiose contraction and so far.

Recently, a group of Greek archaeologists discovered traces of an ancient harbor, in which, apparently, the allied troops of the Greeks were preparing for the upcoming battle and from where they flew to the shops of the Persian king of Kerks. It was established that the bay was located on the site of the modern bay of Ambelki (Bay of Ambelaki). The remains of the buildings of the military port, now hidden by water, belong to the so-called classic period of Greek ancient history - between 5 and 4 centuries BC. Vintage ruins become visible during the sings only at a certain time of the year.

Apparently, the bay in the bay of Ambalan was the main military base of the entire Island of Salamin: this can be judged by the large area, which occupied the parking lot of warships, fenced with a stone wall. In the direction of the open sea, the remains of long waveresses are visible.

Archaeologists hope that it will now be able to accurately establish a route of the movement of an antique Greek fleet to the place of battle, which will allow to examine the seabed and make new discoveries and finds.