Land over billions of years transfers oxygen moon

We know not so much about the early history of our planet - the traces of the long-lasting era are practically not preserved on the ever-changing surface of the Earth.

But, as it turned out, there exists a real storage of ancient particles that were in the atmosphere of our planet billions of years ago. And this is the repository - the moon.

An amazing discovery made Japanese scientists, analyzing the information collected from the Kaguya satellite. This satellite was launched on September 14, 2007, and its main task is to study the composition of the moon surface. During the study, traces of oxygen of earthly origin were unexpectedly discovered on our natural satellite. Scientists report that oxygen molecules are located at a depth of one nanometer in the lunar soil. Potentially, this layering is the history of the earth's atmosphere throughout its existence up to the present day.

What way oxygen falls on the surface of the moon? The fact is that after the outbreak in the sun in the direction of its release, the flow of ionized particles is released, called solar wind.

If this happens at the moment when the earth and the moon are on the same line with the solar wind, then a piece of oxygen flowing down by the flow is settled on the moon. This is happening today, it happened and hundreds of millions of years ago.

Perhaps it was the moon that will help us learn more about the early history of the Earth.