Hexagon Saturn - a unique atmospheric phenomenon

In addition to our planet, Saturn is perhaps the most photogenic planet of the solar system. But he is famous not only with his dust rings, but also an unusual hexagonal figure, formed in the North Pole of the sixth of the Sun of the Planet.

When looking at the photos of the North Pole Saturn, made by the Interplanetary Research Station "Cassini", immediately striking a huge hexagon with symmetrical faces.

The figure with a diameter in 25, 000 km is a unique whirlwind, where each wall-edge goes into the atmosphere of the planet for hundreds of kilometers deep. For the first time, the vortex was discovered in the 1980s, when the probes Voyager-1 " and Voyager-2 were able to capture the Pole of Saturn. High-quality photos of scientists were able to receive only in recent years - during the work of Cassini.

The received personnel allowed to study the occurrence of a hexagon in more detail and even simulate it in laboratory conditions. In a rotating capacity with water, imitating the atmosphere of Saturn, placed a few rings that imitate individual hurricanes. Their rotation speed exceeded the speed of rotation of the container. Vortex deflected by rings-hurricanes rejected other streams from a circular shape, forcing them to take the shape of a hexagon.

Interestingly, this system has greater stability and on the scale of the planet may exist for hundreds of years.