Can there be a memory in a man's head?

In the age of information technologies, we are used to that any information should occupy a certain amount of memory. And once the memories are information, it must sooner or later fill the amount of memory in the man's head.

But the human brain is not a hard disk where you can write information to free blocks. The process of "recording" of information in the brain occurs by the occurrence of connections between neurons and creating neural networks. Each time, recalling any past event, we activate the associated neural connections. It can be said that, having a finite number of neurons (according to approximate estimates, about 100 billion cell nuclei), of course the number of connections can be created inside the brain. And this means, the memory of man has its own limit. However, each neuron can be simultaneously involved in a huge number of connections, which over time are becoming more difficult and more difficult. It is believed that one neuron can participate a maximum of 1000 connections. So in our head can be kept truly a huge amount of information. Fully exhausting all possible neural connections will not be able to any person in life.

When calculating the amount of the memory of the human brain, some specialists operate with familiar megabytes and gigabytes, determining the value in a million gigabyte of human memory. But, most likely, we, in principle, cannot measure the amount of memory in our usual values. At least because we do not know how much memory is occupied by human memories.

It is likely that the number of neural connections will reach huge values, we will not see the warning of the "lack of memory" before our eyes. It will simply be more difficult for us to "get out" from the memory of memories, referring to complex neural connections.

Illustration: Depositphotos | Konradbak