The black material in the world

Direct the beam of light on some thing: on its surface you will see the light spot. Send a ray of light on the material called Vantablack (Vantubek) - and you will not see anything.

Vantablack is a revolutionary material submitted by scientists from the British company Surrey Nanosystems. It has a light absorption coefficient of 99, 965%. This means that only 0, 035% of the photons feed on the surface will be reflected back.

The material is based on carbon structures - a huge amount of nanotubes that are planted on an aluminum surface. Falling on the surface of the material photons are "lost" between nanotubes and are not reflected back. Carbon nanotubes are manufactured at a temperature of 430 s °, and several billion carbon structures are located on one square centimeter of the material.

The diameter of each tube is 3500 times thinner with the diameter of the human hair. The cost of creating a high-tech material is not disclosed.

But Vantablack, surprised the world in 2014, is not the most black material in the world. He was ahead of the recently submitted material Vantacblack 2. True, to find out how precisely, the second version of the material is ahead of the first in the ability to absorb the light, because modern devices simply do not have sufficient sensitivity to fix the reflection of light - so much. It can be said that the reflection coefficient of Vantablack 2 is striving for zero.

Unfortunately, scientists do not disclose all the details on the manufacture of the black material itself in the world - due to its ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation in the visible, ultraviolet and infrared range. This technology is considered by the military as a disguise for military equipment, therefore a strict ban is imposed on the disclosure of detailed specifications. .

Of particular interest is how Vantablack is perceived by the human eye. We see such a material not as a three-dimensional object, but as a two-dimensional failure in space, "black hole", darkness.

If you consider photos with a person holding in the hands of Vantablack, it seems that some joker poured a certain area of ​​the picture of absolutely black paint - it simply does not fit in the head that the material may be so dark.

Even if you smith Vantablack, we will not see the folds and irregularities that appeared on it - it will continue to stay for our eyes absolutely black.