Is it possible to allergic to vibration?

Imagine that you drilled a hole in the wall with the help of an electric drill, drove in the trainings of the train cars, or just rolled by car along a busty country road, and after a while they found that a red rash appeared on the skin. In this case, it makes no sense to remember that you ate during the day to identify the reason for the appearance of redness. You probably suffer from a very rare allergic disease - vibration urticaria.

Yes, in some people in response to the vibration of a certain frequency (sometimes so unpredictable that it can, for example, become a whipping cream using a mixer) Red rash can appear on the skin, which keeps a few weeks, causing sometimes big troubles: starting from Pain and burning in places of its appearance, ending with headaches or metal taste in the mouth.

Allergic to vibration is impossible to accidentally get sick - it is transmitted exclusively by inheritance. This is eloquently, the fact that vibration urticaria is found only from close relatives. For a long time, it was not possible to understand which genes were to blame for allergies to vibration, however, when the staff of the US National Institutions began to study the disease to study the genome of man and allergic reactions, the case has shifted from a dead point. The study of several families, whose members suffer from vibration urticaria, gave an understanding that the ADGRE2 gene is guilty in the emergence. In its normal state, it is responsible for receptor protein, which launches many allergic reactions of skin cover. However, in extremely rare cases, a mutation of this gene occurs, which is why the receptor protein is activated as a result of ordinary mechanical vibration.