Can static electricity kill?

Man is facing static electricity every day: touching any subject, we sometimes get a small blow to the current. It is unpleasant, and sometimes hurt. Surely, in these moments you think, can the charge be so big that the effects of the blow have become tragic?

To kill a person, you need a charge of about 1400 mJ. Those charges we face in everyday life carry from 1 to 30 mJ. They may occur, for example, when combing hair, when the atoms of a substance due to severe attraction, electrons are dragging from atoms of another substance. Comb gets a negative charge, and the hair is positive, so they begin to fly away in different directions (after all, the charges of the same name are repelled from each other). When we touch to some kind of subject, we give it an extra charge accumulated by combing, which is why static electricity arises.

A static shock can be obtained even from the beloved cat, but still not registered so that pets kill their owners to the current, and in general the risk of death from direct defeat by household static electricity comes down to zero. Even if you sit in a car and ride with high speed, accumulating the charge, it is unlikely to exceed at least a quarter of a deadly dose. The blow by electricity will be very unpleasant, but nothing will threaten your life.

But do not think that static electricity does not bear any danger. The arms sparks can cause the fire flammable substances. Cases when from fires caused by static electricity, people - a huge amount. But even if there are no explosive substances in the room, the reflex contraction of the muscles can cause injury.

In addition to domestic static electricity, there is also natural. And the risk of death from him is high. Especially if you are standing during a thunderstorm in the middle of a clean field. Lightning occurs due to the cluster in the clouds of static electricity and contains a charge, which is millions of times greater than fatal for humans.

illustration: argus456 |