The smallest and largest Rubik cube in the world

How can idea come into mind to create the smallest Rubic Cube in the world? Only after creating the largest Rubik cube in the world! In 2016, the British lover of Puzzles Tony Fisher was able to build the largest Rubik cube in the world with a length of the face of 1, 57 meters and weighing more than 100 kg.

Almost all the details in the Rubik cube are made of plastic with the exception of the mechanism of turning the faces.

To assemble the giant, Tony Fishera took about two months. This record was officially represented in the Guinness Book of Records.

In 2017, deciding that it would be more interesting to surprise about about the size of a cube, Tony Fisher decided to go in another direction and created the smallest Rubik's cube in the world.

Made using a 3D printer, a cube has a side of just 5, 4 mm long. But if you glue color stickers to it, the length grows to 5, 6 mm. However, it does not prevent him from considering the smallest in the world - the previous record holder has a side of 0, 3 mm longer.

However, Tony Fisher is not going to submit an official application for recognition of a new world record. According to him, the Rubic Cube Cube has some disproportion, therefore the model needs additional improvements. In addition, the creator of a miniature cube fears that when applying is submitted, there may be problems with copyright - after all, its creation was created on the basis of the model of another mini-cube Rubik, which Tony Fisher was able to reduce.

Illustrations and Sources: Mentalfloss | GuinnessWorldRecords