The oldest song in the world

Probably, the songs exist as much as the person himself exists. At all times, the song brought closer, inspired, gave people joy, dreams or warm memories. We know the words of songs who sang our ancestors dozens or even hundreds of years ago, but when it comes to thousands of years, we can remember only a few surviving ancient Greek lyrics related to the first century BC. At least such was the situation until 1972, when Professor Archeology Anne Daffcorn Kilmer was able to decipher the inscriptions on clay signs belonging to the 14th century BC.

It all started with the fact that in 1955 during the excavations on the site of the ancient Syrian city, there were launched plates with inscriptions in the garrite.

This is interesting: Hurrites - the ancient people living in the territory of Northern Mesopotamia from the end of the third millennium BC.

From the found 36 tablets, only one condition of the surface made it possible to fully read all the characters depicted on it. 17 years it took to decipher the garrite symbols: the complexity was that the cylinder was made on the garrite, but with a Ugari dialect. When the work was completed, the archaeologists were rewarded - there was musical notation with the text of the oldest song, which is known to humanity today.

This is interesting: Music notation is an ancient way to record music using punctuation marks. By placing a punctuation sign, for example, above or under a certain word of the song, the author of the music could show whether to sing this part with an increase or, on the contrary, lower the voice.

This song is a prayer of a fruitless woman to the goddess Nikkal, and music has been fulfilled, probably on Lira or Harp. In addition, some fragments of this song could be fulfilled with multiple.

The detected garrite song is a truly unique sample of ancient music and gives historians an understanding of the culture of Sumerian civilizations, as well as the evolution of music throughout the epoch.

From the moment of deciphering the garrite records, many modern interpretations of the most ancient song in the world have been created, given all the features of the resulting musical notation. On the record below, it is likely that the same melody is represented, which people listened to almost three and a half thousand years ago.

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