Albertclock - hours that make time

Most often to consider in the mind. A modern man ceases immediately after school - there are always different gadgets at hand that will help counted any tasks.

The creators of unusual watches Albertclock decided to put an end to this and make us count more often. It is only worth throwing a look at Albertclock, as we involuntarily begin to fold, multiply and divide. And all because to determine the exact time it is necessary to carry out several simple mathematical operations.

The clocks have 4 difficulty levels, and mini-tasks can be updated every minute. Initially, Albertclock was created as a clock for school classes, but over time it became apparent that the unusual device was popular and in adults - for example, for their home or workplace.

Minimalistic clock design does not distract from the most important - quickly calculate the exact time. Buy Albertclock can be used on the manufacturer's official website.