Pooh - a cat who gave the ability to walk

The cat named the Pooh, like all the other cat, loved to walk, climb trees, follow the neighboring dogs and hunting birds. But one day the fluff fell under the car - the wheel moved to his rear paws. Cat's strength was only enough for trying to the threshold of the nearest house where people found him.

Not bag, they called in the veterinary service. Puhu was lucky - he fell into the hands of Dr. Vladislav Zlatinova. Often, with such injuries, the unfortunate animal is sleeping, but the veterinarian decided to carry out the most difficult operation - amputate the hind limbs of the animal and put titanium dentures on their place.

Soon the implants made specifically for the fluff were installed in the bone, and on top of them are dressed on the nozzles covers that will need to be changed during wear.

Contrary to the concern of doctors and owners, the Pooh took his artificial limbs without any problems - adopted to them in a few days, a cheerful cat began to play and walk, and then and then run. Now the fluff jumps without problems on the chairs, jumps over the obstacles and even gets on the rear "paws" during the game.

The fluff lives in a shelter in Sofia, but let's hope that when you read these lines, the cat found myself the owners who will take care of it all life - the fluff needs to regularly visit the veterinarian to check the implants.

Vladislav Zlatinov hopes that the operation of a unique operation (such as it was held only a few in the world) will become an example for other veterinarians, and the loss of extremities animals will be able to stand up again.

Illustrations: Let's Adopt Bulgaria