This card will show what is on the other side of the Earth.

Which of us in childhood did not think about what would happen if you drown through the earth? Where will we find ourselves after traveling through the center of the planet? For example, if you drift the planet through, standing on the territory of Russia, do we get straight to America? Not at all: we will be in the midst of the ocean - and this is great visible on the map below. It shows where we will find ourselves if we try the straight tunnel to the other end of the earth.

But, of course, actually make it will never succeed - we walked back on the way to the center of the Earth, so the map simply provides the ability to fantasize.

This is interesting: The deepest hole that a person was able to drill deep into the earth - the Kola ultra-dust well, located in the Murmansk region. Its depth is 12, 62 meters - world record. The temperature at such a depth was about 220 ° C. The well drilled with breaks of 20 years - from 1970 to 1990 - in scientific purposes for a detailed study of the lower boundary of the earth's crust. Currently, the project is conserved and abandoned.

Illustration: Depositphotos | SELLINGPIX