Flour worms oil - soon on store shelves!

It is no secret that annually increasing food intake makes manufacturers find new ways to obtain raw materials. At the same time, the modern buyer gives the advantage of natural, environmentally friendly goods. Under these conditions, researchers pay their attention to fairly unexpected sources of food production. For example, on flour worms, of which, as it turned out, can be prepared by oil capable of replacing margarine products and vegetable fats.

According to scientists who study at the moment the possibility of withdrawal of the oil from the meal worms on the consumer market, their products are made exclusively from natural ingredients - no trans fats and harmful impurities. In addition, participants in the research team argue that the oil obtained from flour worms after fractionation has a green-yellow shade, similar to the color of olive oil, and "pleasant aroma, resembling the smell of grass."

There is a product obtained from insects and its drawbacks: it contains much less omega-3 acids that have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

However, the main plus oil from flour worms is to benefit for industry and the environment. Flour worms, being easily reproducible and cheap raw materials, do not require large areas and resources for their cultivation, and during processing do not leave behind harmful waste.