The lion is trying to save his girlfriend, pulling out a dart with a tranquilizer from her

The Republic of Kenya in Africa is famous for its national parks, where a large population of wild animals lives, including Lviv. Park specialists are following the health of their wards every day, providing them with all the necessary assistance.

During one of the inspections, the specialists found that the young lioness suffers from the injury of the paw she received, probably during the last hunt. To treat the paw, the lionz needed to immobilize, shouting into it a dart with a tranquilizer. But they encountered an unexpected problem: the young lion, walking along with the lioness, began to pull the darts from the weakening girlfriend, trying to help her.

In the end, the medicine has affected the lioness, and Lion managed to drive.

Having treated the wound, the veterinarians dressed a collar with a tracking sensor and released to the will, where the lion was already enabled.

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