Birds living in cities, aggressively their relatives from wildlife

They say people living in cities, aggressively and irritable people living in villages and villages near wildlife. Apparently, this rule applies to birds. It is to this conclusion that biologists have come, published in the scientific journal Biology Letters, the results of their research on the influence of human activity on the behavior of birds.

The birds of the "singing zonotryphy" appeared as experimental, widespread in North America. The behavior of the feathers living in the territory of densely populated cities, with birds living in the territories of farms and national parks, compared.

After preparing the chirping of one of the males of singers of zonotryphic, the ornithologists came to the nesting sites of birds in cities and outside the cities, included audio recordings and began to observe the behavior of birds.

"Urban" reacted to the voice of a stranger aggressively and militantly: they immediately rushed to search for a sound source, fiercely opened the wings and went into the attack. Their relatives from the wildlife, having heard the chirping of an unfamiliar bird, on the contrary, listened to the sounds with curiosity and also flew into search of their source, but did not show signs of aggression.

According to the researchers, such a bird behavior is easily explained: accommodation in cities near a person always gives animals of shelter and more food, however, competition for them on a rather limited territory of the city is much higher. Therefore, living in the city of Birds without delay rushing into an attack, protecting its territory from strangers.