Biodegradable Cow Milk Containers

Because of all the increasing impact of a person on the environment, use materials that do not harm wildlife, in our days it becomes more important. We have already talked about biodegradable waterproof bottles in which drinking water can be stored. But it is possible to make solid containers in which liquids can be stored, it is also from ordinary cow's milk.

To do this, from milk by adding acid to it, it is necessary to highlight the substance called Casein. The remaining after filtration is a white commercial mass - this is casein, which, being dried in a certain form, is a little remind of plastic in its properties. And most importantly, it has sufficient hardness to keep food and even liquid.

On early 20th century, he was learned about the wonderful property of Casin, but he was few interested against the background of the rapid development of the chemical industry and the need for cheap, durable and fast in the production of dishes for the needs of the army and civilians. The world has taken into the era of standardization and mass production of universal products, and no one worried about the environment.

The designer and the inventor of Tessa Silva-Dawson believes that now it is time to look back and take advantage of the well-known advantages of Casin. For example, make glasses or packaging from it, which could become analogs of plastic dishes.

As a natural raw material, designer decided to use skimmed milk, which remains in large quantities after the production of butter. Instead of throwing out skimmed milk, the tesa uses it to highlight casein, with which it creates these beautiful, interesting and fully biodegradable containers and glasses.