Where to buy a license to shoot a horned hare

In the town of Douglas, Wyoming (USA), for more than half a century, you can buy a license to shoot a horned hare or, as it is also called, a harelope. The horned hare appears in one way or another in many works of American culture, therefore, souvenirs and stuffed horned hares are in deserved demand among tourists, they can be bought in any shop in the city. Among the owners of the harelope head was, in particular, US President Ronald Reagan, who showed it to guests on his California ranch.

The horned hare gained particular popularity during the 20th century. It is believed that at the origins of this popularity was one of the residents of the city Douglas Herrick (eng. Douglas Herrick; 1920-2003), a hereditary taxidermist, who in 1932 made a joke for the first head of a rabbit with antlers. Everyone liked the joke so much that soon a whole business was established on this.

As the only habitat of the horned hare, Douglas was officially declared the capital of the horned hare. In addition, for a symbolic price, there you can buy souvenir licenses for shooting horned hares, valid for two hours after midnight June 31, while in order to obtain a license, you must show an IQ not higher than 72 points ...