Police Shooting License

In Indiana (USA), in 2012, a new law was introduced that does not allow local police officers to sleep well. After a series of gross violations of home and privacy rights by Indiana police, under pressure from the NRA, the State Supreme Court effectively allowed state citizens to shoot police officers who unlawfully invaded their home with impunity. The law determines that if a law enforcement officer invades someone else's home without a legal warrant, then the owner of such a home has the legal right to use lethal force, simply shoot such a policeman and this will not entail any legal consequences for the shooter.

After the law was signed into law by Governor Mitch Daniels, the gun owners were ecstatic and the police were shocked. Indiana became the first in the United States to explicitly permit the killing of police officers in order to protect them from their illegal encroachments. Local police officials have expressed fears that now any citizen who is in an agitated state will be able to kill a policeman who knocked on his door. Police Sergeant Joseph Hubbard said that every time a police officer stops a car or searches a home, he will have to think about the law allowing "to shoot the police with impunity" and this interferes with work.

Of course, the fear of the police is understandable. It is very unpleasant when the Law protects both parties equally. Although, on the other hand, nothing has changed fundamentally. If a police officer acts legally, complies with all procedures and does not abuse power, then his position remains the same as before the adoption of the controversial law. Opposition, let alone armed resistance to the lawful actions of the police, is a very serious crime and you will most likely be shot without trial. But if a police officer decides to deliberately break the law, then he should be prepared for the fact that no one else is obliged to endure his unlawful encroachments, and this is an excellent incentive for the police to comply with the rule of law.