Interesting facts about peacocks

The peacock is one of the most majestic and beautiful birds on our planet. It is a relative of ordinary domestic chickens, belongs to the pheasant family. However, they are much larger than their relatives. On average, the weight of an adult peacock can reach 5 kg. And the body length reaches 1 or more meters. Thanks to the beauty and bright plumage of the tail, the peacock is recognized as the standard of greatness all over the world. The first habitat was South Asia. Currently, birds are widely distributed in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other countries.

22 interesting facts about peacocks

  1. The real tail of peacocks is only 50 cm long and looks rather plain. And the beautiful fan that the bird spreads out is the upper tail. Only males can boast of beautiful and bright plumage. The richer the tail, the more attractive the peacock. And females do without a beautiful fan behind their backs and look inconspicuous.
  2. Peacocks can fly. However, due to the heavy tail, such a flight is very short and difficult for the bird. Such a means of transportation for birds is used as a last resort. For example, if they anticipate any danger next to them.
  3. Peacocks are considered sacred by the Hindus. They carry the status of a national bird. Many proverbs and stories are dedicated to them, symbolizing eternal joy, happiness and purity. For example, the firebird. Its prototype is a peacock.
  4. Birds live for about 20 years. The peak of beauty in males is reached by 5-6 years. But at the age of up to one and a half years, they are as plain as the females.
  5. The length of the tail can reach 1.5-2 meters. Which exceeds the body length by 2, or even 3 times.
  6. There are only 3 species of peacocks in nature. But these birds have many subspecies.
  7. One of the constellations located in the southern hemisphere of the planet is named "Peacock".
  8. Flamboyant plumage is one of the main ways to attract the opposite sex. And the brighter and more beautiful the tail, the more chances the male has. The male often acquires a whole harem. There are at least 3 females near it.
  9. Peacocks use their tail to scare off enemies. Seeing a huge tail with many "eyes" that appeared out of nowhere, the predators retreat.
  10. The peacock's tail also serves to communicate with one another. It transmits infrasonic waves that an ordinary person cannot hear. Their frequency is less than 20 Hz. You can only occasionally notice that the feathers vibrate slightly. It looks like a light ripple in the water.
  11. The image of a peacock has taken its rightful place on the coat of arms of the city of Serpukhov, located in the Moscow region. The drawing appeared back in 1720. The basis was the breeding of these majestic birds in one of the local monasteries. The color variation of the coat of arms changed over the years, but the peacock remained in its place.
  12. Peacock dishes are considered delicacies and are found on the menus of many restaurants around the world. The first tasters were the aristocrats of Ancient Rome. And the first to taste the meat of this bird in Russia was Ivan the Terrible. And in Tibet, they believe that peacock meat can heal many ailments and strengthen the immune system.
  13. Peacock eggs are also in great demand. They are not only tasty and nutritious, but also have medicinal properties. This product is especially useful for pregnant women.
  14. Ancient Christians considered the peacock to be a symbol of immortality. In eastern countries, the peacock symbolizes pride and strength. And in Russia, arrogant and narcissistic people are called peacocks.
  15. In past centuries, a fan of peacock feathers in women's hands indicated the upper class of the owner. And many knights wore helmets with peacock feathers adorned.
  16. Albinos are common in the bird family. White peacocks are also extraordinarily beautiful.
  17. Peacocks cannot sing at all. The sound of their voice is sometimes very unpleasant and harsh. It can be compared to the cry of a cat when it stepped on its tail or paw. Peacocks can make a wide variety of sounds. In the spring season, males start screaming in the morning at sunrise.
  18. Peacocks are considered one of the best snake catchers. In southern countries, people specially breed these birds in their homes to catch cobras.
  19. Peacocks can anticipate natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. With the approach of bad weather, the birds become restless.
  20. In some countries, people believe that in no case should any peacock feather ornaments be kept in the house, as they bring misfortune. Often the love games of peacocks fall during the season when it rains. According to local beliefs, it is these birds that attract precipitation to the ground.
  21. In America, NBC used 4 different logos, each featuring a peacock.
  22. Peacocks have a large number of chromosomes, according to the estimates of geneticists there are 76. And humans have only 46.