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  1. Hares have a huge number of enemies. They are destroyed by the millions every year. Why haven’t the hares been exterminated yet? It's simple - these animals reproduce incredibly quickly. They live on almost all continents of our planet, except for Antarctica and Australia.

  2. In 1703, construction of the new capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, began on Hare Island. According to legend, the island was named so by Peter the Great. He came here to punish the careless carpenters who worked slowly. There were many hares on the island at that time, who were fleeing the floods. One of them jumped directly onto the king's boots. Peter laughed, even forgot that he had arrived here angry.
  3. The main way to protect a hare is to flee. The animal is capable of accelerating to a speed of 50 kilometers per hour in just 5 seconds. And the maximum speed is over 70 kilometers per hour. In addition, the hare jumps 3-4 meters in length. True, some hunters claim that sometimes hares are able to defend themselves with sharp claws. And they even cause serious damage to the predator.
  4. The hare's hind legs are much longer than the front ones, everyone knows that. But, not everyone knows that his left and right limbs are also unevenly developed. This is what increases the hare's chances to escape; it runs not straight, but in zigzags. It would be more correct to call the hare not squint, but clubfoot.
  5. Hares and rabbits are very similar in appearance, they belong to the same species - hares. But, they never interbreed with each other. Interestingly, rabbits living in the wild are significantly inferior to hares in speed. Even a physically well prepared person can catch up with a rabbit.
  6. Hares are indeed able to beat out a beat with their front paws. Thus, they communicate with their relatives, for example, declare that this territory is already occupied.
  7. Hares prefer plant foods. However, not always. If the hunter did not get the bird caught in the snare in time, then the hare can eat it.
  8. Northern hares have much shorter ears than their southern counterparts. This is due to the fact that with the help of the ears, the animal regulates body temperature. In fever, excess heat is released from the body through the ears, helping to avoid overheating. In rainy weather, the hare presses its ears tightly to its head so that no drops of water get inside: this can cause a cold.
  9. The creators of The Diamond Arm have long thought about which simple song to choose for their picture? The text was suggested by the young poet Leonid Derbenev, and the music was written by Alexander Zatsepin. And Yuri Nikulin sang "Song about hares", who played the wonderful role of Semyon Semenovich Gorbunkov. As soon as the film was released, the song immediately became a national hit.
  10. The monument to the hare who saved the poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was erected in 2000 in the village of Mikhailovskoye near Pskov. In December 1825, Pushkin decided to go to Petersburg, but a hare ran across the road, right in front of the sleigh. The superstitious poet decided to postpone the trip. As it turned out later, an uprising of the Decembrists broke out in St. Petersburg at that time, many of whom were close friends of Pushkin. If he were in the capital, he could well have shared the fate of the participants in the events on Senate Square.