How they caught the robber Fred

It turns out that animals are also capable of crimes. True, they have no concept of good and evil, therefore they act exclusively out of their own interests and think little about the consequences of their actions. So, a baboon named Fred for three years from 2009 to 2011 literally terrorized the inhabitants of Cape Town (South Africa).

At first, no one paid much attention to his tricks: just think, he snatched the bag with food or scratched the car a little. Moreover, the ugly behavior of monkeys is not such a rarity. In addition, their petty hooliganism entertains and amuses tourists, which is very good for the tourist business.

Meanwhile, Fred felt his own impunity and took up the robberies in earnest. He managed to organize a whole "gang", which unquestioningly carried out all his "orders". The baboon opened cars, attacked tourists and local residents, considering their purchases to be his property.

If someone foolishly resisted him, he would bite, scratch and deliver very significant blows, punishing the daredevil. Naturally, the authorities could not remain indifferent, because Fred became a kind of local celebrity and almost every visitor, being in Cape Town, considered it his duty at least to photograph the impudent person, but rather to catch him in a trap.

Fred was deliberately lured into cars with bags of food and tried to lock him there. However, he was distinguished by a downright mystical ability to cope with any constipation. Despite all the warnings from the authorities, the tourists did not understand the enormous danger posed by the "leader" of the monkey group. As a result, during one of the attacks, the baboon wounded three people at once, two of whom had to seek help from the nearest hospital.

Also known is the case when Fred and his relatives destroyed a liquor store. After that, the drunken gang made a real brawl on the streets. If sober baboons raided solely for food, then several cars and shop windows were damaged here.

Of course, no one was going to forgive him for such behavior. In March 2011, the impudent animal was caught and taken to the detention center. The baboon was considered too aggressive and, just like a person, was sentenced to death. Fred was injected with a lethal injection, after which he died in March of the same 2011.

This decision caused a wide public outcry. Undoubtedly, the behavior of the primate posed a significant threat to motorists, tourists and local residents, but Fred is still an unreasonable and ill-mannered animal that simply cannot understand the seriousness of his actions. Therefore, to behave with him as with a person is at least strange.

This opinion was also shared by the public Baboon Matters organization, which unsuccessfully tried to free Fred. Director Joss Lin was so impressed by this story that he created a documentary about the famous robber, which even contains unique footage of Fred's arrest and transportation.

This baboon became the hero of the British television program "Baboons with Bill Bailey" (Baboons with Bill Bailey), which told about his amazing wit and such a difficult fate. The primate's body was dissected in front of millions of TV viewers during the TV show "Inside Nature's Giants". Here it was discovered that Fred had multiple gunshot wounds on his body, proving that he had been caught in and out of gunfights more than once.

Incidentally, such raids by groups of monkeys in South Africa are not uncommon, but they never took on such a scale before Fred's arrival.