Interesting facts about the zebra

The average lifespan of zebras is 25 years, but in captivity they can live up to 35-40.

When all the zebras in the herd are resting, several "volunteers" are on guard to warn all relatives of the impending danger if something happens.

Zebras have a very developed sense of family. Some individuals can form alliances for life. And despite the fact that there may be a thousand heads in a herd, they are all divided into small families.

Small foals are not born with black stripes, as in adults, but reddish-brown.

Zebras are by their nature very clean animals, you can often see how they clean each other's sides, shoulders and back.

After birth, the foals begin to walk and drink their mother's milk in half an hour. And the milk that zebras feed their foals is not white, but pink.

The body length of zebras can reach two - two and a half meters, and the height limit is one and a half meters.

Each zebra has a unique striped pattern on its body and no other zebra has it anymore.

In fact, the zebra is black with white stripes, and not vice versa. Since black stripes are caused by the genetic process of selective pigmentation (the presence of pigment), therefore, black is the main pigment, and white stripes are lacking.

Often the question arises of what color zebras are: black with white stripes or white with black stripes. After conducting more than one study, scientists have proven that the zebra is still black with white stripes.

The striped coloration helps zebras to escape tsetse flies. Insects attack any warm moving object, even a car. And tsetse flies perceive zebras simply as flickering of black and white stripes and are not regarded as a source of food.

Mountain zebras love to bask in dust baths and they do it almost every day.

Zebras are able to distinguish their fellows in the herd by stripes. Likewise, a little foal recognizes its mother.

Ancient people tried to domesticate zebras more than once, but this was not crowned with much success.

Zebras can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour.

Zebras are very shy, even in zoos it is difficult to approach their enclosure, as the animals immediately run away.