The largest domestic cat

Can you imagine a cat that is one meter tall? But the British biotechnology company Lifestyle Pets did not just present it! They artificially bred a breed of domestic cats - Asher. They crossed the gene of an Asiatic leopard cat and an African serval with a common domestic cat. Ashera got this name in honor of the pagan goddess. The breed itself appeared no more than five years ago.

This is a very rare cat breed. On average, their height reaches a meter, and their weight is about 15 kilograms.

A small kitten of the Usher breed costs 22, 000 dollars. They are considered the most expensive in the world. Mostly sold in the USA, Russia and Asia.

These cats have a very distinctive personality. They are very attached and loyal to their master. They do not like to be in 4 walls for a long time and require walks very often. The breed is distinguished by high intelligence, they also love children and have a very calm and gentle character. But these cats require care and constant attention.